The constant need to ensure your assets are adequately equipped to function in a safe and reliable manner are ever present in today’s competitive oil and gas industry. We work with our clients to maximise and maintain the lifespan of their assets by conducting detailed surveys and inspection.

HSOG provide the following inspection services:


Our inspection department offers full and comprehensive NDT (Non Destructive Testing) services which is used to detect flaws in welds and steel surfaces.

Close Visual Inspections

Our inspection personnel are trained to visually detect defects in equipment, whether it be with the use of visual aids such as magnifiers, boroscopes etc. or with the extensive experience of the trained eye.

SPS Surveys

HSOG carries out Special Periodic Surveys which consist of visual and NDT inspections to the critical connections on mobile drilling units and ships. This is done in accordance with certifying authorities to ensure the units structure and integrity meet the legislate requirements.

DROPS Surveys

We offer specialist DROPS hazard inspections where a team of our inspectors access difficult areas which are often at height and conduct a survey to ensure there are no potential dropped objects that could fall and cause harm to personnel. A full report is then compiled including drawings and photographs complimented with a detailed inventory and hazard register. All potential dropped objects are reported and when possible, eliminated at the time of find.

Structural Surveys

HSOG integrate industrial rope access and inspection services to carry out structural surveys of drilling structures, crane booms, flair towers, masts etc. Structural surveys can consist of the integration of all inspection disciplines and on completion a report package including computer aided drawings and photographic logs will be presented to our customer detailing all inspected areas and defects.

Coating Inspection

Our team of corrosion engineers, coatings inspectors and surveyors, can provide a range of services which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Inspection & quality management services including coatings inspections/surveys, preparation of detailed coatings/corrosion inspection workpacks and third party paint inspection.
  • External corrosion management systems aligned to industry safety & integrity best practice.
  • Consultancy providing technical solutions to external coatings and corrosion problems, including external integrity audits, failure investigation and the preparation of specifications for problem areas.

Electrical Inspection

Our technicians provide periodic ATEX inspections and can include the integration of industrial rope access to access difficult areas or areas at height. All of our electricians are experienced and COMPEX certified which provides our clients with the capabilities to supply EX audits and registers.