Competency & System Assessment

Systems when operated and maintained correctly maximise return to their owners and avoid unplanned downtime resulting in expensive short term corrective solutions.

The benefits of conducting an accurate and efficient competency and system assessment are well documented. HSOG's approach is to perform a top down audit of on-board personnel and system competencies to deliver a report detailing the competency of the organisations systems, software, hardware, personnel and suitability to deliver, this also includes recommendations for improvement and and tailored training programs for staff development.

HSOG can provide dedicated specialist teams to help implement findings. Working with either new or existing systems, our approach is equally valid. This means our clients receive critical support to ensure their objectives are met by working closely with the operations teams’ onsite to deliver the desired outcomes. Similarly, we work diligently with the software providers to ensure the system is implemented as planned and operates effectively.

Our integrated resources ensure a continual presence, easing pressure on operational teams.